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Campervan Rentals Suit a Variety of Traveling Needs

When planning a road trip or camping trip, deciding how to travel and where to stay is the most important part. Campervan rentals are a cheap alternative to hotels and offer a unique type of convenience, providing all the necessary comforts of home plus transportation for long drives. It is not necessary to own a campervan to enjoy everything they have to offer, though - campervans are available for rent all over the country.

Campervan Renting Tips

When planning for campervan rentals, it is always wise to do some research and consult a travel agent when necessary. Compare prices between rental companies, as different rental companies will often have the same campervan models in their fleets but may charge different rates. Decide what features are most important and necessary to your travel plans ahead of time and above all, don�t be afraid to ask questions!

Roadtrek Campervans

Roadtrek Campervans sleep up to four people, with either one or two single beds in the front and sometimes king sized bed in the back. With its comfortable captain�s chairs and panoramic windshield, these campervan rentals can comfortable sleep inhabitants at night and will offer an excellent driving experience during the day. Roadtrek campervans also have a bathroom with a toilet and a shower built for optimal privacy, as well as a compact dinette area.

Winnebago Campervans

Winnebago campervan rentals are equipped with all the basic campervan features like beds, dinettes, and bathrooms, while also boasting superior amounts of storage space. Winnebago�s line-up of vehicles boasts family friendly floor plans, and often come equipped with multiple LCDs and computer work stations. Campervans with optional amenities can also be rented, with features like extra large showers and sleeper sofas.


Airstream claims that value, performance, and comfort are at the center of their brand, and their campervans are loaded with all the popular features that help these vehicles live up to that claim. These campers seat seven in their leather seats and all appliances are stainless steel. Their �Avenue� model also includes a lounge area that can convert into a two-person bed, as well as a 19-inch standard flat panel television.


Coachmen aims to replicate the feeling of home in its campervan rentals, with a large fleet of vehicles all boasting different floor plans and amenities to make time on the road more enjoyable. Their campervans are bright and open on the inside and feature wood cabinets and a dinette with stainless steel appliances. The faux leather sofa comes with an air mattress and can be upgraded to a loveseat sofa that converts to a wall-to-wall bed for extra comfort.

With the large number and variety of different campervans available on the market today, anyone can find a vehicle that will best fit their traveling needs and come equipped with all their favorite features. These campervans provide a home away from home, and help save money on lodging expenses like hotel bills. For your next vacation, rent a campervan for all your traveling needs.